Drip Marketing

 What is Drip Marketing? 

DRIP: Drip means water falling in drops. If done over a period of time, dripping keeps the plants adequately hydrated. 

  • Therefore, in layman terms, Drip marketing means planned/scheduled points of contact over a period of time to keep business relationships alive and nurtured. 

DRIP MARKETING is any marketing communication broken down into bits and spread across an extended period to gently nudge the prospect to take an action. 

  • Each lead is unique – they are individuals, with opinions, preferences, likes and dislikes. 
  • Trigger e-mails are sent to the prospective customers. 

For example: Sometimes, while making a purchase on Amazon, you put something (Ex: A bottle) in the cart and then leave without taking any further action. After some time, you get an email from Amazon saying, “You forgot your bottle, Mr. X!”. This is when you again go to the app and place your order. So, it acted as a reminder for you.drip


  • Helps the customer keep your company in mind
  • Great way to provide coupons, promotional material, enticing customer to purchase
  • Useful for content marketing (ex: by sending educational material)
  • Helps customers find more useful information

drip marketing

Conversion Flow:

conversion flow

Work Flow:


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